Overview of Walks

Tanner Springs Park walkway
Tanner Springs in the Pearl District, one of many Portland urban walks

WalkingPDX focuses on walking. But we also recognize that people of all ages and levels of mobility visit Portland, so we suggest taking public transportation when you run out of steam.

Rather than give each walk a rating, we can say all of them are “easy;” most along city walkways are wheelchair accessible.

Although we haven’t tracked the exact distance of each walk, they all are between 1-2 miles roundtrip. Sound a little short?

One reason the mileage is short is that Portland city blocks are only 200 feet long, compared with 500-foot-long blocks (like New York and other cities). 

Here are some facts provided by PBOT (Portland Bureau of Transportation):

Walking Portland Facts

  • There are 30,027 blocks in the City of Portland.
  • Portland has 165 public staircases, with about 9,000 public stair steps.
  • In 1994, Portland became the first city in the U.S. to undertake a comprehensive Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted Earth Day 1998.
  • To get a walk signal at every block, walk briskly in the OPPOSITE direction from one-way traffic flow.