TriMet Buses – Get You Everywhere You Want to Go

Saturday Market Bus Bench Ad
 TriMet Bus Bench in the Alphabet District

Portland Buses, operated by TriMet, are an efficient, inexpensive way to see Portland. The drivers are friendly and helpful and Portland riders almost always offer a loud “thank you” when exiting at their stop. Must be a Portland thing.

Trimet Bus traveling through downtown on the city’s transit mall.

An all-day ticket is $5 for adults and $2.50 for Honored Citizens, the name given to  Senior Citizens 65 years or older.

You can hop-on, hop-off as much as you like, using paper tickets, the TriMet App on your smartphone, or a HopCard, and transfer between the buses, Max light rail, and Portland Streetcars.

Buses crisscross downtown near Pioneer Courthouse Square making it easy find a bus to take you within easy walking distance of all the best tourist spots.