Pioneer Courthouse Square


Pioneers Court Square Flowers
Flower mart at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Pioneer Courthouse Square is known as Portland’s Living Room. Named for the 1875 federal building on 6th Street (east side of the Square), it is Portland’s own version of Grand Central Station for public transportation: Max Trains, Portland Streetcars, and TriMet Buses all converge at the square or nearby.

Officially, it is known as the City Center, the hub for almost everything you will want to see and do in Portland.

What to see and do here:

  • Get maps and transit passes at the Visitor Center
  • Sign up for tours
  • Have lunch at a food cart — some of the 600+ carts throughout Portland.
  • People watch
  • Listen to a summer concert
  • Enjoy a picnic
  • Read

Of course, the sky is the limit. Enjoy!