Photographer’s Corner – Portland Building Melts into Landscape

Buildings often block the the best city views, separating you from nature. In Portland’s Pearl District Neighborhood, the Cosmopolitan Condominiums seem to melt into the sky. It is one of many Portland highrises designed to blend nature with urban architecture.

Photographer’s Corner – Mt. Hood Sunrise

Mt. Hood Sunrise
Mt. Hood, 60 miles east of Portland, and the U.S. Bancorp headquarters building known as Big Pink for it pink color at sunset and sunrise, dominate the Portland skyline.

Signs and Murals

We’re having a spectacular spring, and here are some images from walking around last weekend.

Portland Reindeer Sign

Save the Orcas

Save the Orcas

Photographer’s Corner: Portland History & Holiday Cheer

Fire Station # 17 – 2018
Fire Station # 17 – 1915

For a history buff, there is nothing more exciting than finding a picture of a building taken in its heyday and then comparing it with how the building looks today, especially if it has been lovingly restored. A local resident in Portland’s Nob Hill / Alphabet District (824 N.W. 24th Ave.) for nearly two years has been renovating Old Firehouse # 17 (hence the green fence) as a personal residence.

The outside is as fresh looking today as it must have been when it opened in 1912. We particularly like the owner’s sense of humor, displaying a large inflatable dragon in Christmas colors. At Halloween, it was a large black spider.

Photographer’s Corner: Fall Colors at Simon and Helen Director Park

Simon and Helen Director Park, located just two blocks from Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland’s City Center, is a photographer’s dream: from great people watching to the interplay of nature, highrises, and artistic structures. It’s the scene of music performances, picnics, chess matches, and kids-play in the water feature. This photo was taken across the street from the park. The yellow of the tree caught my eye. The trees framing the building, which houses Pendelton below, seems to melt into the sky.