Your Portland Adventure Begins in Pioneer Courthouse Square

If you’re a walker, you can reach most major Portland destinations within 1 to 1 1/2 miles from Pioneer Courthouse Square. When those legs get tired and rubbery, you can find a transit stop and ride. For $5 ($2.50 for a senior ‘Honored Citizen’), you can ride trains, buses, and streetcars with a single pass for an entire day! Discounts for children.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Pioneer Courthouse Square is known as Portland’s Living Room. Named for the 1875 federal building on 6th Street (east side of the Square), it is Portland’s own version of Grand Central Station for public transportation: Max Trains, Portland Streetcars, and TriMet Buses all converge at or nearby.

Also known as the City Center, Pioneer Square is the hub for almost everything you will want to see and do in Portland. At the official Visitor Center for the City of Portland and State of Oregon, you’ll find volunteers — all local residents — who are willing and able to help with maps, directions, and recommendations for local favorite attractions. Transit passes to get you everywhere are on sale here. Or, get the TriMet App to purchase tickets online.

Transit Passes

Inside the Visitor Center is a TriMet Ticket Office. TriMet is Portland’s transit agency where you can buy 2.5-hour and all day passes.

Tips from Locals

Buy an all-day pass for each day you are in Portland. They are good for all buses, streetcars, and trains. You can also sign up online and display the ticket directly from your smartphone. A $25 ($5 a day x five days) Hop Fastpass will get you to 90% of the major attractions during a five-day visit. No need to rent a car and pay for parking. If you do rent a car — or arrive by car — download the Parking Kitty App. It allows you to plug in the district number provided at each pay station and, within less than a minute, your on our way to adventure. If you need to extend your time — regardless of how far you are from the car — just launch Parking Kitty, add time via the Cloud.