Keep Portland Weird!

Portlanders have a weird sense of humor - this sign above a garage
Someone with a weird sense of humor
Keep Portland Weird Sign
Dante’s on W Burnside Sign

Portland prides itself on wide-spectrum oddity.

These aren’t necessarily near one another so you can just pick and choose and go visit one or more as you move around the city.



A Voodoo Doughnut assortment
A Voodoo Doughnut assortment
 Voodoo Doughnut Pink Box
Voodoo Doughnut Pink Box

Voodoo – That pink box you see at Portland International Airport — and other places around town where tourists congregate — are from Voodoo Doughnut. If you’re standing in line waiting to buy or just look at the riot of flavors and colors, you will be standing next to a wall covered with pennies.

The #20 bus will take you to SW 2nd Avenue & W Burnside Street where you will be about two blocks from Voodoo.

The Alphabet District's Peculiarium
The Alphabet District’s Peculiarium

– dummies with monster heads greet you on the sidewalk. The inside is a museum of strange and crazy stuff. You need to it to believe it. And, even then it might be too good to believe.

You can take the #15 bus, get off at NW Thurman & NW 23rd and you’ll be half a block away.




Rimsky Korsacoff Toilet
A helping hand in the Rimsky-Korsakoffee House bathroom

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House – Named after Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov,[2]Rimsky-Korsakoffee was one of Portland’s first coffeehouses.[3] The classical music-themed business, located in Portland’s Buckman neighborhood,[4] serves coffee and desserts.[5] It operates from the former living room of a reportedly hauntedCraftsman-style house,[6] built in 1902 and “nearly hidden from view” by the surrounding foliage.[5][7]Rimsky-Korsakoffee has a casual, communal atmosphere and sometimes features live classical music. The house is decorated with knickknacks, art, and hanging objects. Tables are named for various composers; some of them are “haunted” (animated), at times elevating, rotating or vibrating. The coffeehouse has received a generally positive reception and is known mostly for its desserts and for offering a unique experience to guests. Rimsky-Korsakoffee has been called “eclectic”, “quirky” and “spooky”, and has been recognized by several publications for its coffee and desserts. – Wikipedia.

We’ve been there. It’s all of the above!