Elephants Love to Swim at the Oregon Zoo

Elephant swimming at Oregon Zoo
Elephant swimming at Oregon Zoo

Not only can elephants swim, with all four legs churning, they move along at a good pace. And swimming is something they love at Oregon Zoo.

A 160,000-gallon pool for swimming is part of Elephant Lands, which was designed to support the natural dynamics of Asian elephant society.

The pool, feeding stations, mud wallows and water features encourage elephants to be active 14-16 hours a day, just as they would in their range countries, according to the Zoo website, which offers these details:

“Indoor areas with state-of-the-art heating and ventilation systems let the zoo’s elephant family move inside and out as they please, and choose where to spend their days and nights.

Together, the Elephant Building and Forest Hall form one of the world’s largest indoor elephant facilities. Learn more about the Oregon Zoo’s vision for elephants.

Elephant Lands invites visitors to join the zoo in protecting elephants. An estimated 40,000 Asian elephants remain in fragmented populations from India to Borneo, where they face pressures from habitat loss and conflict with people.”