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Cathedral Park A Gem Under the St. Johns Bridge
[posted: September 5th, 2019]

The St. Johns Bridge, built while Wall Street imploded in 1929 and the world plunged into the Great Depression, was a genius piece of engineering then and is still impressive today. The supports for the span tower over Cathedral Park, hidden below. The beautiful green park offers an easy walk with stunning views. The day we visited, a new bride posed for wedding photos beneath the cathedral-shaped bridge supports.



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Signs and Murals
[posted: May 2nd, 2019]

We’re having a spectacular spring, and here are some images from walking around last weekend.

Portland Reindeer Sign

Save the Orcas

Save the Orcas

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Barley, Barrels, Bottles, & Brews: 200 Years of Oregon Beer
Through June 9, 2019

Barley, Barrels, Bottles, & Brews: 200 Years of Oregon Beer at the Oregon Historical Society tells the history of beer in Oregon and the passion Oregonians hold for beer and brewing that extends back over two hundred years. [More]


TriMet provides bus, light rail and commuter rail service in the Portland, Oregon, region. These services are what make Portland so walkable! [More]

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