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Fire and Ice: Portland Winter Light Festival

Ice sculptures, flames, a light parade, were among the highlights, along with thousands of people–many in lighted costumes–who flooded the waterfront along the Willamette River this past weekend for the Winter Light Festival. All in good fun.

A couple of photos to share:

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Photographer’s Corner – Portland Building Melts into Landscape

Buildings often block the the best city views, separating you from nature. In Portland’s Pearl District Neighborhood, the Cosmopolitan Condominiums seem to melt into the sky. It is one of many Portland highrises designed to blend nature with urban architecture.

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Samudra the Swimming Elephant at Oregon Zoo
Elephant Lands
A world-class home for a
world-famous elephant family

Samudra, who just turned 10, invites you to come explore her many habitats. Elephant Lands is designed to support the natural dynamics of Asian elephant society. [More]

Oregon Zoo Logo

Tilikum Crossing


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